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Wherever there is risk, there is Diligence

It takes an intelligent, highly-skilled team to combat today’s unscrupulous purveyors of fraud. Powerful anti-fraud programs and extensive research capabilities are only the beginning when you work with Diligence. It may start with an investigation, but for us, the job isn’t complete until the record is set straight.

Our goal is to put you back in control.

Diligence can serve as a domestic barrier, or work in the background to guard your assets in any region around the globe. We can protect your business year round, monitor specific cases, or handle your overflow situations.

Anyone contemplating or committing fraud against your company will have met their match. We have the ability to cut through red tape to get answers.

Our Infrastructure

Diligence International prides itself in its advanced technological capabilities.

We offer our clients access to our interactive Case Management System (CMS) that will allow you to stay up to date with new case requests, status updates, and ultimately, report delivery. Diligence International has also developed the DigiTrack Map Tracking System (“DigiTrack”) that allows its case managers to stay up to speed with where many of the current trends in fraud are taking place.

Case Management System

With 24/7 access to our Case Management System, you can request new investigations or inspections, check on status updates, upload any relevant documentation related to claims, and ultimately, retrieve reports once a case has been finalized. All of these capabilities can be utilized with just a few keystrokes.


This internal tool not only gives Diligence International a visual representation of where fraud is occurring, it allows us to keep notes and recognize pricing trends that Diligence International may encounter on a country-by-country basis. In turn, we are able to share trends and alert you to areas of concern and regions to be mindful of.

Our People

Founded in 2007, Diligence International is comprised of a vast network of investigative leaders across the globe. Our team has developed relationships worldwide with significant law enforcement contacts, proven criminal investigators, law enforcement specialists and information consultants, which range from international intelligence officers and a former member of Interpol to Chiefs of Police and Public Security Bureau officials.


Many of our professionals have served as life insurance field investigators and understand the complexity, scope and specifics of every case. They know the policy provisions and language inside and out, and can spot any impropriety associated with them.

Richard J. Marquez, CFE

Richard J Marquez, CFE, managing director of Diligence International Group LLC, spent 28 years as the consulting director of special investigations for Prudential Financial, developing a worldwide reputation in Internet technology, information research, and financial investigations.


Richard became a recognized expert in foreign investigations in all parts of the world and developed a broad network of law-enforcement associates and local investigators. He has used his experience and state-of-the-art technology to create innovative processes that defeat fraud. For 20 years, he conducted all foreign investigations for Prudential Financial – Individual Life Insurance Division.


After leaving Prudential in 2008, Richard used his experience and contacts to build a company that is now unsurpassed in international due diligence, insurance investigations, and international research.


Speaking Engagements
Richard J. Marquez is an acclaimed, highly sought speaker on international due diligence issues, insurance investigations, and international research. Book him by calling 800.660.4202 or e-mailing info@digroup-us.com.​

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