Code of Ethics

Relationships should be based on trust. The question is: Who can you trust?

It’s mindboggling how far some people will go to get things they’re not entitled to have. Our job is to foil their plans by putting the right risk controls in place to protect your business. If you trust us to do that, we promise to:

  • Foster the highest ethical standards.
  • Do everything in our power to prevent, detect, report and promptly address any allegation of misconduct or violation of law.
  • Comply with government standards, including those set forth in every country where we operate.
  • Implement the highest security standards to protect any information you reveal or that we discover on your behalf.
  • Keep all details about your business or case strictly confidential unless you explicitly grant us permission to share it.

Diligence takes every investigation seriously. Some other things we also take very seriously are our business ethics and ability to accomplish whatever you need professionally, as well as legally.

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