Fraud is messy, costly, and unpleasant.

As a business, you do not want to make the wrong decision when looking at any type of customer or opportunity. This is especially true during challenging economic conditions and exploring business in emerging markets. With good quality due diligence, we can help you and your business avoid or lessen the damages from fraudsters.


Equally important is when analyzing and assessing any type of financial or benefit claim. Our range of services allows you to get to the truth and uncover any areas of concern for your business.

Insurance and Financial Claims Services

  • Life Insurance Investigations – Find the truth behind contestable, homicide, suicide, accidental death, and waiver-of-premium claims.
  • Due Diligence – Get the facts on businesses and individuals – discreetly.
  • Disability Investigations – Certify disability decisions, verify injury claims, conduct witness interviews, secure medical records.
  • Litigation Support – Get in-depth database research, interview witnesses, and recover official records.
  • Alive-and-Well Verifications – Ensure that benefits claimants are still living. Find missing beneficiaries.
  • Health Claims – Confirm the accuracy of information and charges for medical claims.
  • Missing Persons – Find people, including lost heirs.
    International Surveillance – We cover the world for you.

Domestic and International Research Services

  • Court Record Retrieval – Obtain documents from civil or criminal cases.
  • Medical Record Retrieval – How truthful is your applicant’s information?
  • Employment Verification – Are you hiring who you think you’re hiring?
  • Photographic/Video Inspections – Validate what’s at an address and gather evidence from an accident site to support your case.
  • Database Solutions – Build cost-effective, customized database solutions.
  • Express International Company Research – We’ll find any company in the world.

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