Introducing Prodigi

Knowing your Proposed Insured’s ID is Real Just Isn’t Enough to Stop Fraud. We Can.

Customizable – Immediate – Unique

Inexpensive Protective Value Powered by Experts in Fraud Detection and Prevention

At Diligence, we have identified tens of thousands of fraudulent applicants that were issued policies, so we know the patterns that betray fraudulent applicants. Put our knowledge to work for you.

Diligence International Group, LLC is excited to announce its release of Prodigi for use in the insurance industry.

Prodigi is the result of years of experience studying fraudulent claims to understand how fraudulent applicants circumvent traditional and emerging underwriting controls. Diligence has taken this knowledge and experience to create a digital suite of customizable software tools designed to assist insurers in validating applicants quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. We know that nearly all organized applicant fraud schemes involve an imposter using some form of identity theft or a created, albeit legitimate appearing, identity. Validating that a Proposed Insured has a real or true credit record simply isn’t enough. Organized fraudsters that cost the financial sector billions due to synthetic identities spend years cultivating identities that, for credit purposes, are real. The only real way to defeat applicant fraud is to know the actual identity of the applicant regardless of who they say they are. “Quickly determining which applicants are fraudulent and preventing fraudulent risks from becoming a policy is vastly more cost effective than identifying and fighting these when the claims are filed. We are see how fraudsters get policies through underwriting which is why we developed Prodigi,” says Richard Marquez, owner of Diligence International Group, LLC.

Prodigi’s multi-variant and proprietary techniques that work to positively identify the applicant and will alert insurers of potential fraudulent applicants before policies are issued. Prodigi is also designed to create a unique digital record so clients can use the information obtained at time of application to quickly and easily authenticate customers in future transactions to prevent account takeovers.

Prodigi integrates easily into existing systems and provides results in a structured, easy-to-ingest, format suitable for today’s underwriting needs.

For more information, visit us at or call us at 800-660-4202.

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