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Foreign Investigations

Our foreign investigations team has proven to be the best anywhere. With a deep understanding of nuanced global requirements, we have unrivaled global reach.

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We are masters of initial analysis -- designing the perfect surveillance plan for each unique case. Our expertise and attention to detail starts well before the first photo or video is captured.

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Inspection Reports

The best time to combat fraud attempts is at the application stage – before they take root. We proactively vet applications thoroughly and reliably.

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Proven Standards. Time & Again.

Excellence is in the details. Taking the time to ensure total accuracy of information. Our track record is built on thousands of successful projects. It is the result of treating each project as if it alone defines everything we are.

Why Diligence
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Strong connections. Unparalleled outcomes.

Every one of our projects starts by listening to you, our client. Once we understand your needs, we will craft the optimal solution for your unique circumstance.

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