Since 2008, Diligence International Group has proven itself as a leading fraud prevention and due diligence firm for our domestic and international clients. As part of our due diligence services, we provide comprehensive surveillance solutions to help insurers and businesses in the financial services industry combat fraud and identity risk.

Our Surveillance Services

Our surveillance capabilities, combined with specialization in living benefits cases, allow us to gather accurate intelligence to verify claims and protect your organization when concerns arise.

Nationwide Surveillance

Our nationwide surveillance team consists of highly trained professionals strategically located across the United States. We conduct discreet mobile and stationary surveillance to document subject activity and behavior. This critical evidence can validate or refute claims related to:

  • Workers' compensation and disability fraud

  • Personal injury and bodily injury claims

  • Internal theft cases

  • Asset searches and location verifications

Our field operatives are experts at remaining undetected while providing clear video/photographic documentation and detailed narratives of a subject's actions.

We utilize the latest technologies and legal practices to capture high-quality footage from extended periods of surveillance.

International Surveillance

For cases requiring *surveillance outside of the United States, Diligence International Group has an established network that allows you to conduct comprehensive cross-border investigations with consistency.

We carefully vet and manage our global resources to ensure they adhere to the highest professional standards and local laws. Leveraging our international capabilities, we can deploy surveillance assets rapidly to document subject activity, perform record retrievals, and conduct interviews nearly anywhere in the world.

*Our international surveillance services are subject to availability and may be limited in certain countries. Additionally, the scope and execution of surveillance may vary depending on local regulations and laws. We strive to provide consistent service quality, but specific expectations may differ based on the country in which the investigation is conducted.

Disability & Long-Term Care

Our team specializes in providing surveillance services for disability, long-term care, and other health-related insurance claims. Our field operatives are highly trained in documenting activities of daily living and recognizing potential red flags of exaggerated or fraudulent claims.

We understand the importance of thoroughly evaluating the claimant's represented limitations and restrictions through overt and covert surveillance operations. The evidence we uncover is critical for ensuring proper liability assessment and reserve allocation.

Pre-Surveillance Activity Checks

Prior to deploying field operatives for surveillance, our intelligence analysts conduct thorough background checks and pre-surveillance activities to vet the subject and determine the highest probability locations and times for documenting their activity.

Our pre-surveillance investigations may include:

  • Comprehensive database searches

  • Social media profile reviews

  • Neighborhood canvassing and inquiries

  • Address and vehicle verification

  • Schedule/routine behavior analysis

By establishing accurate subject patterns, we can strategically deploy our surveillance assets at the optimal times and locations. This attention to planning and preparation maximizes returns on your surveillance investment.

Why Choose Diligence International Group?

At Diligence International Group, you can count on our unwavering commitment to solving even the most intricate fraud and due diligence cases through comprehensive, ethical investigations that leave no stone unturned. We harness innovative, next-generation identity solutions like our proprietary Prodigi app to deliver fact-based results through cutting-edge tools.

Our tenacious investigators possess unparalleled expertise, global resources, and state-of-the-art technology to defeat fraud schemes, no matter how sophisticated.

From domestic surveillance operations to international investigations, we apply rigorous methodologies and industry-leading practices to provide the actionable intelligence you need to make informed decisions and mitigate risks with confidence.

Harness Powerful Surveillance Solutions

With over 15 years of experience, Diligence International Group is a trusted partner for complex claims investigations and fraud investigation services. Our track record of securing pivotal evidence gives our clients confidence in our professional surveillance capabilities.

Our dedicated case managers will work closely with your team to design a tailored surveillance strategy aligned with your specific objectives and challenges. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering actionable intelligence that protects your organization's interests.

Contact us today to learn how our comprehensive surveillance solutions can support your due diligence and fraud mitigation efforts.

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