Business Intelligence

Actionable Business Intelligence that helps you determine whether to enter into new markets, ventures, or corporate relationships

Businesses are operating in increasingly complex trading environments. Information is abundant but corroborated facts are lacking. You require fast and accurate business intelligence.


Diligence International Group offers a range of domestic and global business intelligence services. Our investigators and analysts help you identify vulnerabilities and areas of concern.


We can provide intelligence when you are considering acquisitions, joint ventures or major investments. Even when you require further investigation of supply chain or client relationships.


Our business intelligence service can also provide crucial investigative work in cases of alleged fraud, corruption, money laundering or situations of a commercial dispute.

A strong network, domestically and globally

There are definite opportunities for businesses in foreign markets. However, there is also a certain amount of risk. Which is why, alongside our domestic function, we specialize in foreign territories. Especially where information and compliance structures are limited.


We utilize extensive investigative experience with focused, bespoke, corporate research. This allows you, as our client, to gain insight prior to committing to an action.


Even if there have been no warning signs in a basic search of media, court records, and local police. Our in-depth investigations can uncover potential issues. We have a strong network, able to utilize contacts within federal law enforcement and other discrete sources.

Specialists in Latin America

Proper investigation is particularly advisable when dealing in territories where corporate governance has historically been weak, such as Latin America.


Although the region is growing, one cannot ignore the challenges that arise when operating here. It is important to be proactive when conducting business in the region. Our specialist Latin American focus allows us to provide you with a complete picture of the challenges and landscape.

Reports that allow you to take action

Our Business Intelligence reports are accurate, succinct and transparent. They provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your matter. Whether that is the financial and legal position of a global company or the reputation and business connections of a potential broker.


If you are conducting business or considering taking legal action, it is better to understand the facts in advance and with our Business Intelligence reports you will be provided with the data necessary to come to an informed decision.

Get the full picture before you commit

When it comes to your business, don’t operate in the dark. Speak to us now about how we can bring clarity to your operations with our business intelligence service.


Our comprehensive business intelligence services include:

  • Investigation of facilities in the supply chain
  • Current and past legal cases and prosecutions
  • Money laundering risks and links to organized crime
  • Assessment of the economic and political climate of a country
  • Corporate networks of companies, their jurisdictions, and standing
  • Evaluation of the personal and professional reputations of company leadership and potential partners


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