Domestic and International Surveillance

Diligence International Group’s corporate surveillance service gathers the findings you require to progress or support your case

If you need to get to the bottom of fraudulent claims, corporate theft or any other commercial cases, corporate surveillance is the best way to gather the evidence you require.


Diligence International Group is a pioneer of Smart Surveillance. A practical philosophy and concept. It is a revolutionary way of utilizing technology, planning, and personnel to create the best results for you, the client. It provides long-term savings while increasing product quality and surveillance results.

Accurate and cohesive evidence

With our covert surveillance, you get video evidence that is fit for purpose. That means well presented, identifiable, and high-quality video. Video evidence supports the surveillance report and the report supports the video evidence. They align to form an accurate and comprehensive evidence presentation.

Quality operatives using the best tools

We are professionals. In all corporate surveillance cases, we pride ourselves on proper planning, punctuality, sound tactical decision making, and the highest quality equipment. Most of our field operatives have over a decade of investigative experience. We further train them in an intensive, hands-on way. Because we are not a large, bureaucratic style organization, we are flexible and focused.


Our distributed, self-contained surveillance units can act fast. We use our mobility to reduce costs while increasing productivity and utilize the most up-to-date high tech surveillance and supporting technology including:

  • Night vision
  • Covert surveillance cameras
  • Remote controlled wireless cameras
  • And much more…

Our reputation: Integrity, Quality, and Efficiency

When we work with clients, we are honest, loyal, and display a complete dedication to excelling at what we do. This is why our customers trust us to deal with complex domestic and international surveillance cases.


We only employ industry experienced individuals that we have long-standing relationships with. Our focus isn’t on growing our company, it is on creating a high-quality service and striving for excellence.

Efficient and effective working

Surveillance is not always about more hours. It’s about being smarter with more efficient and effective. By balancing resources and allocating time to match priorities we create the best video evidence to time ratio.


We don’t get sidetracked chasing one priority. Although high priority claims are important, midrange and developing claims should not go unattended. It is well known that proactive surveillance can prevent a small claim from turning into a major claim exposure.

Don’t risk your case with poor surveillance

Video composition and video average are the best ways of judging a surveillance investigator. Out of focus and/or shaky video evidence negatively impacts the value of the overall presentation. A low video average indicates that your operatives are compromising the investigation in one or more ways.

Work with us now

The bottom line is, we do not believe any other agency, large or small, can match our service. We offer quality, value, and a competitive pricing structure. Only Diligence International Group offers Smart Surveillance with our unique combination of personnel, equipment, and boldness. When you work with us you get:

  • Consistent Quality
  • Personalized Service
  • Exceptional Video Averages
  • More Experienced Personnel
  • Flexibility For Rush Assignments
  • Competitive and Innovative Pricing
  • Mobile Command Units For Quicker Response
  • Superior Technology – night vision, covert cams


If you require domestic or international corporate surveillance, get in touch now to discover how Diligence International Group can support you.


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