Inspection Reports

Information you can take action on

Diligence International offers inspection reports to underwriting teams that provide a well-rounded look at prospective insurance applicants. The inspection reports are successful at helping you drill down and identify any risks that may not present themselves during a superficial search.


Usually, an Inspection Report will confirm information previously submitted by the applicant. It can also elaborate on areas of their application or uncover hidden issues. Each report includes a medical canvass, comprehensive database search and a worldwide meta search. These components are offered together in combination or à la carte.

Hospital & Pharmacy Canvass

We conduct medical canvasses that allow you to identify any possible un-admitted medical information on proposed applicants. Our staff will reach out to an average of 10 hospitals and 5 pharmacies located within close proximity to the insured’s residence to see whether an applicant has made any hospital or pharmacy visits.

Comprehensive Database Search & Worldwide Meta Search

We create comprehensive database and worldwide meta searches to ensure that any proposed insured has provided accurate information on their insurance application. Our comprehensive database search may be utilized to determine whether the applicant has any of the following:

Financial / Criminal Issues

  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgements
  • Liens

With every comprehensive database search conducted by us, a worldwide meta search is also conducted. This is to confirm the information provided is accurate and to identify any further risks not captured in our comprehensive search. In our worldwide meta searches, we run a full-scale media search relevant to the applicant covering all relevant social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.), as well as any relevant articles or publications related to the applicant. When you need to be sure that your applicant is being open with you, DI Group is here to help.


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