International Investigations

Using our own in-house highly skilled teams of experts, Diligence International Group LLC provides world-class intelligence services on a global scale.

With years of experience in challenging regions such as China, Mexico, Latin America, India, the Middle East, and Russia, Diligence’s investigation teams understand the local cultures and legal nuances and have developed strong contacts with the regional law enforcement agencies. This elite level of global skill has led DI Group to become the trusted investigation service for many Fortune 500 companies.

Due Diligence

It is prudent – and often legally necessary – to perform appropriate investigations of businesses or individuals prior to entering into any kind of binding contract. This due diligence is even more important when dealing with international business partners. DI Group’s investigation teams help you and your company discover the truth about international businesses and individuals in a discreet manner that won’t jeopardize your plans, mergers, or international orders. Drawing on the complete talents and experience of its investigative arm, DI Group gets the important facts to you without damaging your relationships.

Life Insurance

Life insurance fraud is a complicated and deceptive crime with numerous sophisticated schemes that continually evolve. That complexity is even greater when incidents happen abroad. DI Group has developed unmatched expertise and refined methodologies for uncovering the truth about international life insurance claims. Covering the full claims spectrum – from homicide and suicide to accidental death, waiver-of-premium claims, and more – DI Group helps you carefully, discreetly, and completely get to the bottom of difficult, sensitive matters.

Health Insurance

As costs increase and coverage becomes more challenging, health and medical claims have become far more susceptible to fraud and abuse. This possibility increases substantially when claims come for expenses incurred in foreign countries. Using its international expertise and experience, DI Group can provide health insurance claim investigations that quickly and thoroughly confirm the accuracy of case information and claimed charges.

Alive and Well Checks

Our investigators are experts at ensuring benefits that claimants are still living. We also help companies locate missing beneficiaries.

International Surveillance

Whether you have a worker’s compensation or individual disability claim, DI Group employs a broad scope of worldwide agents with expertise in surveillance in even the most remote locations of the world.